we buy houses montgomery need to sell your house fast

Sell Your House Fast In  Montgomery!

No Repairs, No Agents

We Buy Houses As Is!
Don’t Even Have to Clean! We pay all Closing Costs

Just Fill Out the Form Below, and Get your CASH OFFER!

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“We Buy Houses In Montgomery Alabama“
Sell My House For Cash FAST!

Need to sell your home fast for cash? We can help with no agents, no repair work, and no lengthy contracts required!

At TK Properties, we buy all sorts of houses for cash. We know that when you need to sell your home, you want to do so fast. You don’t want to have to invest thousands of dollars in repair work to spruce up your home. That’s where we can help.

We’ll pay cash for your home without any need for fixing the damage, dealing with stressful realtors, or being worried about the deal falling through. We purchase homes for cash throughout Montgomery, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

Check Out How Our Process Works. We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Cash Offer For Your House.

Sell Your House Fast For Cash Montgomery Alabama
We buy houses Fast for Cash Montgomery
we buy houses fast for cash Montgomery need to sell your house fast
We buy houses fast for cash in Montgomery
we buy houses fast montgomery need to sell your montgomery house fast we buy houses fast for cash
Need to sell your house fast in Montgomery We buy houses fast for Cash

Cash Home Buyers in Montgomery, Alabama

When you opt to sell your home to TK Properties, you never have to worry about open houses, countless showings, and dealing with an avid realtor that’s focused on their own goals. We take pride in being able to offer you an easier way to sell. Selling your home shouldn’t have to be a chore. It should be a great and fun experience for you and your family!

When you decide to sell your home to cash home buyers like us, you can expect to receive cash. Since we cut out the middleman, there’s no confusion or added expenses. We do what we say without delay. No matter your unique situation, we’re happy to buy your home.

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We Buy Houses In Montgomery Alabama In ANY Situation

As we’ve found over the years, there are many reasons that homeowners need to sell their homes. Whether the house is from an inheritance or you’ve recently gone through a divorce, we can take the house off of your hands fast.

We Buy Ugly House Cash Montgomery Alabama Too many repairs to deal with

When repair work becomes expensive, selling may be your best option.

we buy houses for cash near me Going through divorce

Selling your home because of a divorce? Call us because we can buy it fast to fit within your desired timeframe.

we buy houses near me Inherited a house

Already have a home and inherited another one? Contact us and we’ll buy it from you so that you can easily get cash in your pocket.

we buy houses for cash Montgomery Avoiding foreclosure

If your home is being foreclosed on, we can buy it now to avoid further legal issues.

local cash house buyers MontgomeryTired of being a landlord

A string of bad tenants in your rental got you down? Sell to us to cash in on all of your hard work and eliminate your landlord headaches.

We Buy Houses as is Montgomery Relocating

Whether you need to move closer to be located near an ill family member or are being relocated for work, we can help unload your home fast.

How Can I Sell My House Fast Montgomery?

Step 1

Contact Us

how do I sell my house fast in Montgomery?

To get started, you’ll need to reach out to us to let us know that you’re interested in selling your home.

Step 2

Get Your Cash Offer

how to sell my house Montgomery

Next, we’ll provide you with an as-is cash offer with no obligations. We don’t finance our houses. We buy them with straight cash. This is a service that our business prides itself on due to our favorable terms for home sellers.

Step 3

Get Your Cash!

sell my house fast Montgomery

If you like the offer and want to sell, go ahead and pick a closing date that fits within your schedule. We work fast so that you can sell your house fast for cash.

Selling your house for cash in Montgomery, Alabama is simple with our three-step process. It’s a bit different than traditional home selling, and it’s the reason that we have so many great testimonials and reviews from our past customer transactions.

We Buy Houses For Cash In Montgomery Alabama

There are many ways to sell your home. However, when you opt to work with a cash for houses company, like TK properties, you get three key benefits. No repairs. No agents. No fees.


Selling your house with a listing agent can be a lengthy process. You have to enter into a listing agreement, then you have to clean your home for viewings, wait for an offer, and then once you get an offer, you have to wait for the buyer to be approved for financing and wait even longer than that to close on your house. This can take months, but if you skip listing with a real estate agent and sell your house to us, we can pay you cash and close on your house in as little as five days or whenever you prefer. You get to decide how to do things.


Realtors may not be upfront about all the costs of selling your house the traditional way. If you sell through a real estate agent, you are usually on the hook for paying for the repairs of your house. It’s frustrating to have to pay to repair a house you are just going to sell, in addition to paying commission fees, closing costs, and any other contingencies that may come up along the way. When you sell your house for cash to a cash home buyer in Florida, there will be none of these fees! Just an upfront cash offer that you only accept if it works for you.


If your house is listed, more than likely, you will have to show your home to potential buyers. If you have animals or small children, this can be a huge burden. Keeping the house clean and hiding that “lived-in” look takes time and energy, and smells can also be a turnoff to certain buyers. You can avoid having people in your home by selling your house for cash directly to Celebrate Cash Buyers in Montgomery, Alabama.

sell house fast montgomery we buy houses fast for cash
Need to Sell your Montgomery House Fast We buy Houses Fast For Cash

“… would highly recommend using them.”

“We lived out of town and had a tenant that quit paying rent during Covid. Once I called TK properties they made the process easy and we were able to close in 2 weeks. This was the easiest house I have ever sold and would highly recommend using them.”


… free from a huge burden.”

“We had several rental houses that we wanted to sell as we were approaching retirement but had no clue where to turn. TK properties found a buyer for all of them which allowed us to be free from a huge burden.”


Where We Buy Houses Montgomery, Alabama

We buy homes throughout the entire Montgomery region. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to sell your home on your own or are thinking about enlisting the help of a realtor. You can skip the stressful listing process and allow us to buy your house for cash now.

Our home buying process is very fast, so you can get access to the cash that you need fast. We buy homes all over Montgomery , Alabama including surrounding cities. When you call us, you can expect a simple and fast sales experience.

Cash For Houses In Montgomery

You Don’t Need To Clean Or Make Any Repairs!

Cash For Houses Montgomery

When we say that we’ll buy your house regardless of its condition, we mean it. We buy houses for cold hard cash for fair values and do so fast. We take the stress out of the home selling process by eliminating unnecessary parts like real estate agents and repair work. The best part is that you can choose your closing date, leave your unwanted items behind, and never have to worry about cleaning up anything.

Sell My House In Montgomery, Alabama The Simple Way

When you decide to sell your Montgomery home to us, you can enjoy six great benefits that only we can offer you.

sale my house fast for cash Montgomery

Competitive Cash Offer 

We won’t waste our time and yours by lowballing you. We provide competitive cash offers on all types of homes in many different Alabama areas. No matter their use, we’re the professional solution for selling your house fast in Montgomery, Alabama.

sell my home quickly Montgomery

No Commission Or Fees

Realtor commissions and closing costs can take a large cut out of your home sale profits. Fortunately, when you opt to sell to us, you won’t have to pay these unnecessary fees.

sell my home for cash Montgomery

Close When You Want

Whether you’re looking to close next week or next month, that works for us. You can choose a closing date that is perfect for you.

We Buy Ugly House Cash Montgomery Alabama

We Buy In “As-Is” Condition

We don’t sweat the small or big stuff. We’ll buy your house in any condition as-is. No repair work is needed on your part. We’ve helped average homeowners and investors alike sell unwanted houses.

sell my house Montgomery

No Repairs Needed

We don’t require sellers to make any improvements to their properties before we buy them. We’ll purchase your home in any condition as we fix our own homes once they’re purchased.

no cleaning required to sell Montgomery

No Need To Clean Up

Having to get rid of unwanted junk and thoroughly cleaning your home before selling it can be a drag. With us, you can simply take the things that you want and leave the rest behind. We’ll take care of the cleaning.

Advantages of A Cash Home Buying Company

When it comes to selling your home, you want to be methodical. You’re not desperate enough to sell it for way less than it’s worth. You want to get a fair market price while avoiding the hassles of realtors, repair work, and cleaning. We get it!

We don’t like wasting your time or ours. We won’t lowball you. We’ll present a fair cash offer so that you can know immediately whether we’re a good buyer for you. If you want to learn more about how we can buy your home fast, then give us a call today.

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Selling A House For Cash In Montgomery FAQ

When it comes to selling a home, most people don’t do it more than a couple of times throughout their lifetime. When it’s your turn, you likely have a lot of questions about the details. Fortunately, we’re here to help answer them.

Why is a cash offer better for the seller?

Cash offers are considered the cream of the crop in the real estate world. You know that the buyer won’t fall through due to a financer pulling out or a mortgage falling through.

What is the fastest way to sell a house?

Selling a home to us is one of the fastest ways to do so. You don’t have to worry about showings, inspections, lengthy contracts, or homebuyers that fall through. When we provide you with an all-cash offer, it’s a trusted one.

Is selling a house for cash in Montgomery a good idea?

Selling your house for cash can be a great idea if you want to avoid the hassles that come along with normal listings and buyers with conventional financing. We offer a simple and no hidden fee way of selling your home in Montgomery, Alabama fast.

Can you sell a house for Cash in 5 days?

You sure can. When you contact us to buy your home, we’ll provide you with a reasonable cash offer fast, and you can pick to close as soon as you would like. We’re a great option for unloading your house fast when you have to relocate, are being foreclosed on, or find yourself in another time-sensitive situation.

Will cash for houses companies buy my house that is already listed?

Whether you’ve worked with a realtor for countless hours or you’re tired of constant information overload, we can help. We buy houses in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding areas that are both listed and unlisted.

Will you buy a house in probate?

We buy all types of houses. If you’re in the process of inheriting a house, give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the process. We specialize in buying homes, no matter what the situation.

The Easiest Way To Sell Your House in Montgomery, Alabama

Put the fun back into the selling process. We are always ready to buy new houses. It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile home, duplex, land, condo, distressed house, new house, aged house, or any other type of house. We’ll buy it for cash today!

All of our offers are fast and don’t require any obligation on your part. We like to make the process as hassle-free as possible so that we can both walk away happy. If you want to sell your house for cash in Montgomery, Alabama contact us today to get a no-obligation cash offer for your home.